137 men commit suicide in 4 months

Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi said 137 men and two boys committed suicide between January and April 2024. Shikwambi said only nine women killed themselves during the same period.

The 2023 World Health Statistics Report said that Namibia’s suicide rate stands at 9,7 per 100,000 people, placing it at number 10 in Africa and seventh in SADC after Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Eswatini and the top-ranking Lesotho.
Local psychologist Shaun Whittaker expressed his concerns regarding the suicide rates among men and said that it has been alarmingly increasing since 1995.

Shaun Whittaker told Confidente that research shows that young men, in particular, aged 20-29, are particularly vulnerable to suicide. Whittaker added that the suicide rates among men can be attributed to many factors, the main one being lack of employment.
He also said high levels of unemployment, poverty and income disparity create a sense of distress, generally among men who may feel intense societal pressure to provide for their families.

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