2 700 criminal cases reported in 2 months

• By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

The Namibian police received 2 757 criminal cases during May and June this year.

A total of 716 cases of assault through threats were reported among the cases. In addition, the police recorded 497 incidents of assault, resulting in serious bodily harm during this time.

Thirteen male minors and 14 females were victims, with 433 male suspects being identified.

The police also reported incidents of gang rape in addition to these 258 cases of rape and 51 cases of rape attempts.

The statistics also show two cases involving six adult suspects and one male victim.

According to police statistics, there were 179 theft cases, 166 malicious property damage cases, 11 auto theft cases, 24 child neglect cases, and three trespassing cases.

There were 56 indecent assault incidents, with 54 adult male suspects, one minor male victim, 20 minor female victims, 33 adult female victims, and 20 minors of both sexes who suffered as victims. There were 17 reported kidnapping incidents.

During this time, 318 instances of common assault were reported, with eight minors of both genders victimized by these violent acts, and 7 of the suspects were men.

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