Shangula asked for Haufiku to be fired

• Kapindikirua Kapindi

I really hope and pray that Dr Haufiku will never ever accept any offer from the government whatsoever. He is qualified and doesn’t need to allow himself to be humiliated like that. May the Lord increase him in every area of his life in Jesus name

• Nori Jost

If only Dr Haufiku could reveal those conducts that were raised against him. What is Hage and his minister hiding regarding this pandemic?

• Benny Shilongo

That’s not leadership at all. How can you tell someone to fire the person with same educational qualifications like you? Namibia is for us all and no one has a power to run its leadership like he runs his own home. If you are not capable of maintaining the nation just leave in peace. Nation needs to be ruled in a democratic way as it elected by its people. We will be tired one of the days.

• Gracyee Jeremiah

It’s a pity that our government doesn’t care about those who carry the nation at heart. We appreciate your work comrade. We will pray for more grace and wisdom. May God bless you that you may come up with something great to shame your enemies. So, they may realise your greatness and capabilities

• Junias June

It’s a big shame to see this. This is how Africa and Namibia in particular remain  behind because instead of uniting we are dividing ourselves.

• Indongo Frans Biks

Your competence and outspokenness were your biggest enemy. Come join us at IPC where independent expression of views is highly tolerated. Swapo only rewards thieves and those that bend to their lies.

• Agneta Matsuis

Managing the pandemic successfully? He is dreaming? If the President had Namibians’ best interest at heart, he would have kept Dr Haufiku as Minister of Health. He was one of the few competent Ministers we had.

  Sakeus Gravata

Dr Haufiku will always be a competent citizen and true friend to the nation and the health organisation. You earned your respect my Dr. You can change that firing letter to a brilliant choice, because you are a true hero of the nation. Good people will be always persecuted, because of their honesty, God will never live the evil unpunished…God protect you, our Dr.

Suspected Covid-19 case at Suiderhof Primary School

• Chris Theron

Close the schools.

Doesn’t the Education Authority understand reason?

The responsibility will be yours to answer in a court of Law for not reacting.

Because you been aware of the risks and did not comply to request by parents…

This is not a career opportunity but the Future of the Nation….. our children.

Irresponsible behaviour is not a service requirement

• Fessie Shalom

YOUR Excellency sir, the wellbeing of all Namibians and their lives may be in imminent and fatal danger, due to the unhealthy decisions being made.

PLEASE, put on HOLD face to face learning, countrywide, for the sake of our children’s lives and their families

• Clarice Sonblom Theys

Parents do what you think is right. Just remember we can’t hide forever. We need to eventually face this thing which is in any case blown up. Fear is getting the better of all of us.

• Maria Woelk

COVID19 will be around for a long time to come. We cannot afford another lock-down and people just have to learn to live with this virus and take the necessary precautions and ensure personal hygiene tops the list.

At least 1 200 Covid-19 positive patients sent home

• Delyne Kutso

That’s a very dangerous move, it’s obvious they’ve squandered the money which was meant to help with Covid 19. If you know what people should be using to treat themselves please tell us already, next thing you will hear is that government wants us to buy our own ventilators

• Josephina Vennesa

I think it’s okay that these particular folks are sent home. The family, neighbours are notified of their conditions and they will follow the procedures correctly or take a chance to be careless. What’s more important is the government to implement health awareness on educating us regarding this virus. I. They have been focusing on updating and didn’t do much about educating us. Let’s pray – I fear we are going to die.

• Sharlu Shilongo

I see nothing wrong with this, in fact I saw it coming. We were always going to run out of isolation facilities, like other countries. For me isolating yourself at home is the best. You will even recover faster!

• Edward Goraseb

Covid19 is real but leaders in charge are not independent thinkers. They agree too much instead of challenging. Fear of losing positions…Our loved ones are dying daily and no number 10 can’t be recorded.

Over 700 students drop

out of varsity

• Mukonda Ngandu

Nsfaf also contributed. During their covid update on higher education they promised students that this year all who qualified will be awarded loans. Some of us after our names appear on the award list we are told rejected  – not priority

• Cecilia Josef

I am among those 750 students, this is actually my third time dropping out of varsity (one year I am at school, another I have to drop out and go hustle so I can pay my tuition fee and rent) to go back to school again, and the cycle goes on. Currently looking for a job so I can settle my unpaid tuition fee and register for my last 2 modules.

• Tate Sheeli Bismark

Cecilia Josef I am so sorry. Did you apply NSFAF loan? Perhaps you could go to your councillor together with your parents and explain this problem, don’t give up until you even reach a ministerial office. I hope one will help you. Banks also give students study loans. I am sure one or the other way will pay off. Wish you best luck love.

• Prince Nandeekua Hengari

The impact is unbearable for real just imagine the effort and sleepless nights

• Tinab Lembertini

Nsfaf is also a contributing factor, causing us (students) to drop out of school because of finances. They made us go through the whole process of applying and asking us to hand in our proof of registration, just to be rejected in the middle of the year, after our names appeared on the award list They didn’t even inform us that they stopped funding  NQF level 5 courses. And now even if we go cancel our academic year we will still owe Unam, just because Nsfaf did not inform us in the beginning of the year that they don’t fund  NQF level 5 courses anymore….

GOOD NEWS FOR TOURISM: Govt approves plan to revive tourism

• Protasius Ndauendapo

That is a welcome initiative by our government regarding the tourism sector. Why not consider opening our borders and airspace for intra-SADC free movement of people who have relatives in each other countries and for trade and business facilitation and engagements, within set protocols of health and safety being strictly observed and enforced? As of tomorrow, 1 August 2020, for example, Kenya Airways will resume passenger’s flights to countries such as Zambia, Rwanda etc. The similar scenario can happen to, for instance, Air Namibia being allowed to fly to Botswana, Zambia etc.

• Shareter Shareter

Yes good news indeed, but the problem will be on quarantine days. They might have planned their holiday at different destinations, but where will they get extra days to stay in quarantine, since some have to go back to work or school?

• Karel Andries Esterhuizen

Now I wonder who will help the tourist if all the tour companies closed down and can’t even succeed –  this all smells like a ball of dung

• Leonardt Ipumbu

This rule must also apply to the Erongo and Walvis Bay residents as well. Tourist comes in many forms: Local and international

• Nomis Shigwedha

People are waiting for their results for over 2 weeks so how will they give Tourists the test results within a day? This Harambee Government is good at talking but to implement is a different story!

Child dies after falling from ‘intoxicated’ mom’s back

• Alex Shamarambo

Why is our mother drinking to that extend?  May God receive our innocent angel and heal the mother from the pain of the loss since it was an accident not intentional

• Ruu Sheeli

This is a serious issue that needs psychological solutions. Before pointing fingers let’s have facts on the table. I am not justifying her actions but I believe there more to it. That woman needs counseling coz a normal woman will never go out drinking with a one month old baby, it’s illogical.

• Patrick Misika

Cruel mother, such activities are disturbing and bad behaviour. How is it possible with a one month old baby, that the mother started walking in dangerous places – isn’t she supposed to be indoors according to culture and dignity

• Juffrou Amanda

A one month old should be carried in front where u have some control over baby, not on the back… Heartbreaking .

• Destiny Child

Pls arrest her I don’t like such NONSENSE myself . Who moves around with a baby whose umbilical cord is not yet even fully healed, to the shebeen for that matter? I beg just sentence her already. Rest in peace little soul; am so hurt right now

• Barbara Choonya

I won’t judge her. She loved her child to the fact that she went with it to the shebeen and together were coming back when the incident happened.

Some fathers tend to be absent fathers who do not help their children and as a result, the woman resorts to doing anything for survival of their kids, even selling sex to fend for the child.

She needed to be drunk in order to be strong and sell sex so that her child could have washing powder the next day.

Women go through a lot to raise their kids single handedly hence passing through all forms of abuse.

Four men caught selling leopard skins

Audrey De Muinda

People are hungry, police don’t  have work to do, if they come get a diamond in your yard it’s for state, but come get dagga in your yard its yours, how?

• Godfrey Diplomatic Rushlover

In Namibia the police can trace you if you steal a chicken or other animal but it take some years to find a criminal who stole the whole money belonging to the state

• Alfonso Diaz Juarez

Police are quick to arrest those petty criminals. We are yet to find out who else is involved in the fishrot scandal

• Cristiano Paihamer

We no longer give a damn about wildlife nonsense. We are more worried about bigger things. Just like you guys stealing big. Now you wanna take our focus away with this nonsense – who cares anyways nobody benefits from it though

• Zimos Ekonia

What were they supposed to do with it??…throw it away? You people will soon prohibit people to breath in public. I am sure you are capable of imposing restrictions on OXYGEN. Wild animals are a natural gift provided by mother nature for us to feed on…what will you not control soon you??

• Saima Babeg

Deal with Fishrot first

• Amy Ya Kamwandi

I strongly believe that trophy hunting needs to be banned in Namibia as well.