3000 erven handed over to Oshakati residents

By Marx Itamalo

OSHAKATI  says approximately three thousand residents of the town’s main informal communities have received serviced apartments with access to water, power, and adequate roads.

Hango further highlighted that the residents were relocated from the informal communities of Sky, Ombangu, Oshoopala, and Oneshila to Onawa, on the outskirts of the town.

“Over the years, we have made significant progress in allocating land and homes to Oshakati residents,” he said.

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Hango pointed out that the Oshakati Town Council (OTC) developed its housing master plan by including low-income people.

“As you can see, the bulk of our population earns less. When we built suburbs like Ehenye and Ekuku, they were intended for upper and middle-income earners.

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“So those earning less were somehow excluded; therefore, we chose to focus on those earning less so that they, too, might have served erven and not be left behind, as our late President had said.” 

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