334 cases of medical misconduct cases in 2022

By Kaipaherue Kandjii

The Health Professionals Council of Namibia says misconduct cases have risen from 252 in 2021 to 334 in 2022, with some still unresolved due to “untraceable” records at public hospitals and clinics.

Seventy-two cases from all healthcare professions were dismissed for lacking evidence based on a ‘legal’ opinion.

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A 2023 report compiled by HPCNA blames the health ministry for missing patients’ medical records and uncooperative healthcare professionals.

The Medical Professionals Regulatory Council recorded 175 cases in 2022 that are pending, compared to 211 in 2021, while the nurses association had 25 cases compared to 40 in 2021.

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The watchdog arm for pharmacists in Namibia also flagged 22 old cases and 22 new ones in 2022.

Most of the cases in the report show that health professionals fail basic procedures, leaving patients at risk of death or newborns being prematurely born.

Some cases In February 2022, a pharmacy owner, Nickson Murwira, was found guilty of providing a job to a deregistered assistant pharmacist. Murwira was suspended for a year and forced to pay N0,000 in damages.

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