490 Kunene households devastated by drought

By Tracy Tafirenyika

AT least 490 households have been affected by drought in Kunene region’s capital town Opuwo, leaving some children with no choice but to drop out of school in order for them to relocate with their parents and seek better grazing lands elsewhere.

Kunene governor Marius Sheya told Confidente that all of the households affected have been given accommodation to camp around Opuwo.

According to Sheya, the government as well as private farmers have managed to contribute water tanks, food and grass to the affected areas, the people and their animals.

“We are all aware of the drought that has hit our region and it is very much unfortunate because most of the areas haven’t received rain for the past five years. There are 490 households camping in Opuwo Urban area. We have put water tanks. We have put out for both people and animals so that they can be helped during this difficult time.

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