A lesson taught by COVID-19

THE Covid-19 crisis has propelled us all into new ways of working and communicating. It has helped us to see that we don’t have to be tied to one workplace or one income stream in order to make a living.

In Namibia, as in the rest of the world, ‘gig entrepreneurs’ are emerging as a new sector in the economic landscape. These are people who earn their living through a series of projects (or ‘gigs’), rather than working as employees for a monthly paycheck or sometimes in addition to the regular paycheck.

They may be freelance copywriters, DJs, artists or musicians, tailors or fashion designers, plumbers, carpenters or electricians, people working in the beauty or wellness industry such as make-up artists and nail technicians, trainers or coaches, caterers, programmers or business consultants.

At the Namibia Business School we see the need to empower this new group of gig entrepreneurs with the business tools to survive and thrive in this new normal.

If you are underemployed or underpaid, worried about your livelihood, with minimum to average business knowledge and want to develop one or more business ideas into your main source of income, then NBS’ new exciting course, Gigonomics is for you.

The course will introduce you to key business concepts as follows: Products/Service creation, Operations, Human Capital, Customers and Markets, Finance and Strategy. These topics will build your awareness of the key elements of your business that need to be developed, and present some useful tools that you can apply in the process. In addition, the course will help you to develop your business ideas to suit your market, get your product/service to market, harness your energy (and others’) to realise your vision, develop your customer base, stay on top of your turnover, profits and cash, and plan effectively for success that will last. Most importantly, you may have to worry less about paying your next bill.

Now, more than ever, there is a chance to treat ‘gigs’ like fully fledged businesses. Thanks to COVID-19, of course.

For more information or to sign-up contact NBS Marketing on +264 81 459 1105