A manager is not the answer to all your problems

IF you are in showbiz you have probably heard someone saying, ‘I’d love to have an artist manager who takes care of all the nonsense so I can only focus on the music’.

Well, welcome to Namibia where artists not only expect their managers to pay for their cab fare but to solve their personal issues as well.

Having a music management firm might sound like the solution to all of your problems but that is the mistake many make when jumping onto a record label or signing that management deal.

From my own understanding, a manager usually only comes into play when an artist is gaining momentum that he or she can’t keep up with.

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I mean, at this point, hiring management makes a lot of sense.

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We have seen a lot of musicians who have been signed under record labels or agreed to be managed by a particular ‘wealthy person’ and things turn sour when they later try to get their investment back.
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As an artist, one cannot expect the ‘manager’ to literally go as far as paying for your rent and when you start making money and the manager wants to claim their money back in instalments you claim ‘he/she is benefitting from my gigs’. What do you mean?

Of course there are those who really abuse the term ‘artist manager’ and enrich themselves instead of growing a sustainable brand for both parties.
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I am sure some of you might know a few horror stories in this regard, which is sad because it harms the credibility of all the good management companies out there.

Matter of fact there are a few who are actually doing incredible work. But also how does a budding artist know that the manager is a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

However, I personally believe that within your first three to five years in the business, it’s good to experiment on your own, find your artist identity, and create a vision and only when you have reached a certain level of success and gained some experience, you can probably benefit from an artist manager being your sparring partner. If it’s a great fit between you, it can surely level-up your artist profile big time.
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