Aawambo tribalism destroying Swapo

…Swapo stalwart, Helmut Angula breaks silence on party challenges in exclusive interview with Jeremiah Ndjoze


By Jeremiah Ndjoze

SWAPO party stalwart Helmut Angula has broken his silence on the perceived disunity within the ruling party, citing that intratribal divisions and discriminatory practices among the Aawambo people are the root cause of the widening cracks within the liberation movement’s leadership, down to the rank and file.

The seasoned politician further opened up on other issues pertaining to the ruling party amongst them; the succession debate, role of the leadership as well as the think tank.

For years, there have been unconfirmed assertions that some of the divisions within the party can be attributed to intratribal differences among the Aawambo tribe – who form the majority of the party’s support base. This week, the former member of the party’s central committee and politburo did not mince his words when he corroborated such.

Said Angula; “Ordinarily, there should not be such differences. The Aawambo people are one tribe. But it is unfortunately so, because of the unequal distribution of power within the party, which paves the way for such differences.”



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