Abortion is horrendous

WE cannot live in the present without the past; we have to link them together. In the past abortion was not common as today. It is my own perspective that abortion can be understood in the same way as killing and death. From a Christian point of view, abortion is not permitted because even the sixth commandment says ‘Do not kill’; and terminating a foetus is killing.

Today the situation is ridiculous. There are scandals that threaten the social standing of our communities. Abortion is one complex human problem, but there are numerous ways to approach it. When it comes to immoral acts including abortion, they cannot leave a moral being at peace. Abortion is carried out willingly whereby a person deliberately removes the foetus from the womb and that is with the aim of destroying and terminating a pregnancy. By doing this one wants to run away from a problem.

I know and understand that there are others who have many excuses and reasons to defend abortion. But no matter what, morality remains the same and is universal; and abortion is an immoral act which is not supposed to be done by a rational being. On a serious note, life should be preserved and protected. In the case of abortion we have to think of losing a foetus. In this case life is not protected. Who are you to kill an innocent being?

As long as you are a human being you are bound by morals and have to live as an ethical being. There is no society without culture and ethics, therefore they should be practiced. It really hurts when everyday one reads and hears news of abortion, suicides, passion killing, baby dumping etc. This gives a headache to a caring nation and leads us to ask:  Where are we heading to? Can a person doing such things sleep with a peaceful mind? These are cowardice acts. If you have problems, I suggest visiting a counsellor, consult a trustworthy friend or discuss the issue with family. Let us be human beings and not God.

Imagine people do not want to endure suffering and pain that they are going through in the world yet they are terminating pregnancies and killing unborn babies and allowing others to suffer; this is selfish and a logical contradiction.

Therefore Matthew 7:12 says, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”. Hence, we should just not perceive things and turn a blind eye.

By: Modestus H, the Philosopher