Abortion negative effects

Dear Editor,

I would like to add my opinion to this topical issue that you carried in your 04-10th March edition. First of all I would like to say ‘bravo’ to this young woman Ayesha for it takes lots of to discuss such an issue, let alone coming out openly in the newspaper.

No one in his/her right senses will condemn or glorify your action as our judgment is with our Creator who sees abortion committed or intended. I was however struck when you thanked God for still keeping you alive and (still) fertile! However for some young souls there was no one to speak for them and our Lord has received their souls in his kingdom.

For over four decades experience of encountering young women like you, I say that you are especially unique because none of my past clients have been this bold. And I must let you know that your bravado is the right approach to such a phenomena rather than self-recrimination and brooding which sometimes leads to depression/overt suicidal reaction. The medical impact of backdoor abortion can be long-lasting; one can be infertility or sub-fertility.

Infertility may result from very severe deep tissue infections with sometimes septicemia that may even threaten the life of a young mother like you. To begin with, the abortion debate will go on and on in any country that broaches on it, but in a setting like Namibia with inequality in wealth and access to education, poverty as in your case drove you into the course of abortions of apparently advancing pregnancies! The reasons as per deduced in your narration was lack of proper obstetrics information on safer birth control as abortion is the most extreme of birth control which most women resort to once in extreme desperation.

A gravid young lady is often like a frightened and cornered rat whose sense of judgment is often beclouded and impaired by her present sense of entrapment. Most often they are in various stages of their education and have so little choice in the decision during sexual encounters with often more advanced and materially more successful men.
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Ayesha mentioned a spell of protracted PV (Per Vaginal) bleedings that may lead to anemia in the woman; the chances of rupturing or perforating the uterus and soiling the abdomen are very high.

Patients may end up with very unsightly and unsavory colostomy following damages to the small or large intestine and fistula may develop. As horrible as these physical complications may sound, they are nothing in comparison to the psychological or mental turmoil these ladies are subjected to. They even go through the various stages of post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and suffer from nightmares and flashbacks to the very episode, and guilt that may haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The saddest thing is this saga is that the male figure who seduced the lady in the first place is nowhere to be found and is in most cases in denial of the pregnancy. This adds to the sorrows of the grieving mother who is not only trying to come to terms with her God for the wrongs of having caused the death of an unborn child but also of having to confront a shameful disowning boyfriend.

I write not only as a doctor but rather as a father with children of my own who are exposed to the wolves of their lives.
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To Ayesha, I applaud her for sharing her sordid experience with other young persons whom I would advice seriously to reflect on the wisdom poured out by Ms. Ayesha. A wiseman learns from his own mistake but the wisest man learns from others’ mistakes for the experience may be so damaging as to leave very little room for a second chance to be a youthful experimenter!

As a Christian, I pray that Ayesha will find inner peace that she so desperately desires from our Almighty God and that she would find the solace to forgive herself and move on with her new life with LESSONS LEARNED.

Matthew A.C Mojekwu

Specialist Family Physician


“Only a day lived in selfless services for others is worth more than a life time of selfish chase of billions of dollars.

-Albert Einstein”