Academy to establish ILS unit for learners

By Tracy Tafirenyika

ROSEWOOD Academy is in the final stages of establishing an Integrated Learning Support (ILS) unit for learners with special educational needs which will be fully operational from January next year.

This was revealed by Delene Jordaan the school principal, who said that the project is going to help boost the foundation of special learners at an early stage.

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“When a child has special educational needs or a disability, learning can be much harder and it doesn’t always happen as easily as it does for other children.

Different styles of teaching, resources, additional equipment, or adaptations to the classroom may have to be made to enable children with additional needs in order for them to reach their full potential,” she elaborated.

Jordaan further highlighted that every child is unique and has their own unique pattern of learning.
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“We aim to meet them at the level they are when they enter the school/class and   accelerate their learning as building blocks.

“Most school systems find it difficult to balance the individual needs of the child and the curriculum demands.

It becomes a rush to cover what is set out in the curriculum at the cost of the optimal development of children.

She further said that it is indeed an exciting time to be working towards special education needs and learning support in the education system.

“Rosewoood is currently endeavoring to provide each child in their Early Learning Centre (4 – 6 years old) and Grade 1 and 2 groups with differentiated programmes,” she said.

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She also mentioned that Covid-19 has negatively affected the education system however, parents continue to play their teaching role at home.

“One positive thing that stands out is that parents are now becoming more aware of their children’s real progress in school as they are now playing a more active role being the parent-teacher at home during the lockdown and have also helped a lot of kids to not rely on their teachers only but to do something for themselves,” Jordaan said.