Acting role opens avenues for Dice

By Confidente reporter

NAMIBIAN rapper and actor Edo Lutete, better known as Dice, did not have an average upbringing. When he was young, he moved frequently, never remaining in one place for more than three years. Unfortunately, this experience did not allow him to make long-lasting friendships.

Little did he know that he would one day star in ‘The 3rd Will’, a Namibian television series that premiered for three seasons on DStv’s Zambezi Magic. “I had to be a young adult at a young age,” the Namibian actor said of his upbringing.

“I remember coming from primary school and picking up my younger sister from kindergarten.” He’d take care of his sibling until his mother returned from work. Despite going through a period of financial hardship, this did not stop him from achieving high grades in school and later, assisting his family.

Music became a huge part of his life early on; he’d constantly rap over beats or produce his own tracks. Since then, his songs, including the hit ‘Oka Shu Shu’ featuring Tayshaun, have received massive airplay and aired on DStv’s Channel O.

But, that was not where his journey would end. ‘The 3rd Will’, in which he starred became the first Namibian series to air on Zambezi Magic in 2017, and screened to media at MultiChoice Namibia’s headquarters in Windhoek.

MultiChoice’s investment in stories and programmes aims to reinvigorate film and television industries across the continent, resulting in a proliferation of exceptional original local productions and the discovery of talent both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

“It has been quite overwhelming as my fan base has grown significantly after season 1 premiered,” Dice stated of the achievement. “We got exposure to what is going on in other countries and that played a significant role in the arts industry. I’ve received several enquiries about visiting Zambia with the cast of ‘The 3rd Will’, which I hope will happen one day.”

His portrayal as the charming Michael Kamati has opened a senior fan base for the star as more people could relate to his stories, while his relationship with MultiChoice Namibia has strengthened. With a musical background in tow, he has mingled and met celebrities from MTV and Sound City, as well.

Dice is now eager to take his career to greater heights and make an even bigger impact on the creative arts industry.