Adora, Asserdeep collaborate

• By Rosalia David

SENSATIONAL singer Adora Kisting and DJ Asserdeep this week released a single titled ‘Taleni’, a song dedicated to all music lovers to kick-start the festive season.

Speaking to Confidente this week, Asserdeep explained the inspiration behind the song saying that it is a debut single from their album launched on Thursday.

The collaboration album features different songs with Adora on the vocals while Asserdeep added his producing skills on the tracks as well.

Asked on what the recently released single is inspired by, he said, ‘Taleni’ is a song about appreciation.

“I would say that, the inspiration around it is mostly for people to appreciate all the good around them. Elagotukwateni in Oshiwambo translates to all the luck/good, if you have good things around you grab them wholeheartedly.

“Most of the time we do not appreciate the good around us …family, friends or just ourselves. You will never really appreciate your health until you have an illness or sick, just think about it as an example,” he said.

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Describing his experience working with Adora, Asserdeep said the journey of studio sessions with her has been an interesting experience emphasising that she has now become family.

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“The stars were just aligned right, being in studio and seeing the crew work together day and night to make this album a reality showed us how lucky we are to have such passionate people around us laughing and crying together. We are a family and we wanted to share the experience. The song or doing an album together just felt right,” he added.

The audio was released accompanied by a catchy dance-move-video by the two musicians on stage performing together at an event that took place over the weekend.

Although no name of the album could be provided at this point, Asserdeep said partygoers should get ready to dance to an exciting album throughout the entire festive season.

“We have introduced a catchy dance move to the song and the bug is catching on fast.

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All we are saying is that, appreciate family, appreciate good friends most importantly appreciate life. Feel lucky every day you wake up and make the most of it.

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A big thank you to those who have come out to support always, we promise to release videos for the songs by next year,” Asserdeep concluded.