Adora’s stunning new Pirikiti music video

By Rosalia David

THERE are many music videos that are famous enough to rank alongside their songs in terms of notability while a few become part of the track’s identity in a more fundamental way.

A perfect example of this accomplishment is the newly released music video to the song ‘Pirikiti’ by songstress Lilani Kisting, better known as Adora. It is an incredible video that stands out in terms of underlining the song’s romantic message about how ‘love at first sight’ feels.

Apart from the song being an absolute banger, the concept of the video is genius and interesting enough to re-watch a few times. Adora surely gave us a clever representation of what makes her and the team so great in the Pirikiti music video.

The locations where the music video was shot is also top notch, showing off Namibia’s beautiful dunes and mountains.

If you know Adora, you will agree that her place in the world of music keeps growing. In terms of technique and execution, the video definitely has to be seen to be believed.

A few minutes into the music video we had to give Adora a call to hear more about what the song is all about and just as we thought, she said the song is a typical love song. “The message in the song is basically just about meeting this prince charming after my car broke down and I fell in love with his smile and everything about him,” she explained.

The best music videos are the ones you can play on mute and still be able to follow the story and not have to guess what the artist could be singing about. When they say “the aim is not to sweat it”, that automatically takes me back to the Pirikiti music video when Adora is dancing without putting in too much effort.

Her moves are simply captivating.

Honestly, she kept it African, not the imitation of most music videos that comes with visuals of expensive cars, restaurants and hotel rooms. “We shot the video last year when we were in Spitzkoppe. We were shooting a promo video so, we were like, “Let’s do it, why not?”

For a video that was not planned or scripted for months, it was impressive. The ‘Pirikiti’ song was produced by ‘Kallo on the beat’ while Paladin Pictures shot the video.

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The singer is on the move this year and plans to release two more music videos this week.

“We want to put more visuals and not follow the rules of when to actually have visuals out. There are two more songs lined up for release this week, the one we did with ‘Kaptein Tswazi’s, titled ‘I do’, which will be released Friday, and another one featuring Jayden to be dropped in the same week.”

Adora is a popular figure – everyone knows the lyrics to her songs and fans lovingly refer to her as the ‘Queen of the South’ who continues to boost music in her own mother tongue. She was born at Keetmanshoop, but grew up in various towns, moving from school to school, but Hardap remains dear to her heart.

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Attending primary school at Okahandja and then in Windhoek before being shipped off to a boarding school at Omaruru, the young Adora made a return to the capital to finish her school career at Hochland High School

She is the second-last of five children and grew up in a Christian home as her father is a pastor. She describes herself as shy and compassionate, someone who could have 10 hours to herself, she would stay home and watch film series all day.
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Pirikiti is a song from the album she released last year, titled ‘Rise’.

She also dropped another love story music video, featuring the superstar Kalux, titled ‘Touch’, and another one featuring Jayden, ‘Sim Di A’, songs that made it to the top of music charts on the local airwaves. She is slowly but surely becoming the ‘queen of love songs’ as she continues to surprise us with more heart-felt love stories.