/Ae //Gams Festival 2020 cancelled

By Confidente Reporter

THE annual /Ae //Gams Arts and Cultural Festival which was scheduled to take place end of October has been cancelled for this year and will resume next year October, the Windhoek Municipal council has announced.

According to the Windhoek Municipal council, the festival which takes place in Windhoek with different performances by local and international artists and cultural groups every year was initially scheduled to take place on October 31 but cannot be held due to the pandemic.

City of Windhoek spokesperson Harold Akwenye said following a meeting held on September 3, the Windhoek Municipal Council approved the cancellation of the 2020 festival.

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“After careful consideration, the council deemed it imperative to priorities the health and safety of residents and visitors of Windhoek during this challenging time,” Akwenye said.
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He meanwhile said, the Festival Advisory Committee is planning to host online artistic and cultural expression activations of different arts disciplines to build some momentum towards the main event in 2021.
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The City of Windhoek launched the Festival in 2001, to celebrate the city’s rich cultural diversity with the aim to play a key role in contributing towards the nationhood and national pride campaign.

Over the years, the festival has seen many cultural groups and artists coming together from different regions to celebrate the pride of heritage.

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The name /Ae //Gams or /Ai //Gams comes from the Khoekhoe word for Windhoek which means ‘hot springs’, due to the many hot springs that were found around the capital.