Africa Games get N$10 million

By John Tuerijama

GOVERNMENT has released N$10.5m towards the upcoming Africa Games in August set to take place in Rabat, Morocco, made possible through the Ministry of Finance’s contingency fund.

However, the money is yet to be received by the Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) though time is ticking, given that the event is scheduled from 13 to 30 August some athletes might not get their preparatory funds in time for the Games.

Most Namibian athletes scheduled to compete in the Africa Games are currently in training camps in various countries.

The athletic team boasts a number of promising veteran sprinters who have had training in Jamaica and who are now looking at qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The marathon team has also included veteran runner Beata Naigambo.   

Looking at Namibia’s performances in the Africa Games, previously known as the All Africa Games, saw the southern African country collecting 13 medals in their maiden appearance in 1991.

In 1995, Namibia collected eight medals and in 2011 seven medals, bringing home one gold, one silver and five bronze medals, while in 2015 Namibia only managed two silver and three bronze at the events held in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) president Abner Xoagub when contacted said that he expected boxing, cycling and marathon runners to settle for medals at the Africa Games. He added that all stakeholders have overwhelmingly endorsed the 81 athletes selected, based on the qualification standard required to compete at the Africa Games.

Namibia expects a huge contingent at the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games, but the crème de la crème of local athletes have to overcome the first hurdle in Rabat before putting the athletic world on fire in Tokyo.

Though Cabinet in 2018 approved the Namibia National Sport reward policy that seeks to reward victorious athletes (both individual and team games) and provide financial support for athletes or teams that qualified for international games, the policy is yet to be fully implemented.

Just recently, the Ministry of Sport rewarded Commonwealth Games gold medallists Helalia Johannes and Jonas Junias Jonas with N$80,000 each while their respective coaches received N$35,000 each. Medal winners at the upcoming Africa Games will still have to wait for the rewarding policy to be operational for them to be rewarded.

Medal winners will be rewarded once the rewarding policy comes into effect and stand to pocket N$80,000 for gold, N$50,000 for silver and N$30,000 for a bronze medal.

The team will compete in 12 sport codes, that include archery, athletics, basketball 3×3, boxing, cycling, fencing, karate, shooting, swimming and tennis. The team is headed by sport officer Let Hamhola, teaming up with Victoria Kutukula, Tjeripo Musutuia, Junias Hamalua and Anna Geleni.

On the medical team are Ortiz Condou Roberto, Simon Nghitewa Nangola, Alfeus Shivute John Shivute, Katrina Namua Asino Negonga, Christina Kani Nashenda, Julia Halweenda and Muetutfa Andreas Shikemeni.

Team Namibia:

Athletes: Ernst Narib, Sydney Kamuruuma, Thomas Reinhold, Roger Haitengi, Helalia Johannes, Lavinia Haitope, Uweni-Nawa Kuugongelwa, Chenault Coetzee, Mahmad  Bock, Jeremia Shaliamwe, Beatrice Masingili, Beata Naigambo, Jolene Jacobs, Jesse Urikhob, Even Tjiviju, Thasiso Aochamub, Ivan Geldenhuys, Globine Mayova, Rondegudus Gustav, Gilbert Hainuca, Dantango Gurirab, Wiencuslaaus Klaasman, Kennethe Tites, Daniel Nghipandulwa, Sandro  Diergaardt, Ryan Williams,  Natalie Louw, Ane Rautenbauch and  Salmi Ndiviteko’

Officials: Hendrik Botha, Tobias Hiskia, Bethold Karumendu and Joseph Obermuller.

Volleyball (beach): James Verrinder (official), Kim Seebach and Kristin Schultz.

Archery: Frank Redding (athlete), Quinnn Reddig and Adriaan Paul Grobler.

Boxing: Andreas Shikongo, Gabriel Shigwedha, Trofimus Johannes, Junias Jonas, Nestor Thomas, Tryagain Ndevelo, Martin Kambalili, Civa Waitele, Naftali Sheyapo, Immanuel Shaanika and Chris Kangorondue.

Cycling: Driekus Coetzee, Xavier Papo, Martin Freyer, Denzel de Koe, Andre de Klerk, Alex Miller, Michelle Vorster, Hans du Toit, Johannes Shikwena, Aiden de Lange, Tristan de Lange and Vera Adrian.

Swimming: Kiah Borg, Alexander Skinner and Daniel Louw (official).

Shooting: Johan Venter, Hendrick Roos and Ian Kriel.

Tennis: Linique Theron, Lesedi Jacobs, Taimi Nashiku, Megan Lombard, Jean Erasmus, Deon van Wyk, Martha Shigwedha (official), Immanuel Shaanika and Chris Kangorondue.

Karate: Michelle Tjimuku, Lily Mwiya, Suzelle Pronk, Michael Makapandi, Stefan van der Merwe, Bryan Nakambonde, Marchelle de Jager and Liewellyn van Wyk.

Chess: Charles Eichab, Dante Beukes, Israel Shilongo, Lishen Mentile, Nicola Tjaronda and Otto Nakapunda.

Fencing: Jens Pinsenschaum, Johan Pieterse, Connor Strydom and Michelle Maritz.

Wrestling: Luis Forcelledo Paz (official), Ikolela Ekandjo (official), Romeo Goliath and Kevin Vleermuis.