African Connection committed to empowering youths

• By Andre Tino

EMPOWERMENT is the key to unlocking potential, and empowering today’s youth is not just a choice; it’s a responsibility the African Connection is working on enhancing.

African Connection operations manager Boitshepo Pieters said the organisation is lighting the path for a brighter tomorrow.

According to Pieters, the African Connection holds the key for countless young people as it strives for a better future by shaping futures and sculpting legacies of empowerment that will endure for generations.

“We are dedicated to youth development and empowerment across the African continent. Our mission revolves around providing practical experiences and opportunities that enhance young individuals’ skills and contribute to our greater societal goals. We firmly believe in creating bridges between academic learning and real-world application, enabling students to effect real change,” he said.

Pieters said the African Connection has several programmes, including an internship programme beyond textbooks, offering students the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience while contributing to the organisation’s mission.

“In today’s competitive job market, young individuals must stand out and make a lasting impression. Our program equips young Namibians with crucial resources and guidance to develop their professional brands and create impactful application materials. We invite all Namibians to join hands with us in nurturing a mutually beneficial partnership that empowers students and strengthens our collective impact,” he said.

According to Pieters, the pads donation initiative is another programme the organisation is partaking in.

“Period poverty remains a significant issue affecting young girls, hindering their education and overall well-being. Our Pads Donation Programme aims to provide essential sanitary materials, raise awareness, establish support systems, and advocate for policy changes. Your support here directly impacts the lives of young girls in Namibia.

The African Connection Youth Mentoring Programme is another initiative that offers thorough one-on-one mentoring sessions, workshops, and cultural exchange activities.

Pieters highlighted that this program connects Namibian youth with American mentors who provide guidance, support, and inspiration.

“We foster personal and educational development, cultural understanding, and empowerment among the mentees. The African Connection recognises the challenge of high youth unemployment rates in Namibia. It aims to empower young individuals with the skills, guidance, and resources needed to enhance their employability and successfully transition into the job market. Many young people lack access to mentors who can provide advice, support, and insights into navigating their careers and personal development. The African Connection’s mentorship programmes bridge this gap by connecting youth with experienced mentors who can guide them.

“We understand the gap between academic learning and practical skills required in the job market. Through programmes like skill development workshops and resume assistance, the organisation equips youths with the skills they need to succeed in their careers. By fostering an environment of learning and providing access to educational resources, such as books through initiatives like the African Connection Book Drive, the organisation is promoting education as a means of empowerment for African youth,” he said.

Pieters said financial constraints often limit opportunities available to young people.

“The African Connection is addressing the broader issue of youth empowerment. By providing mentorship, educational support, skill enhancement, and resources, the organisation is empowering young individuals to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and create positive change in their lives and communities,” he said.

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