Afrikaners in ‘land grab’ drama

* By Hilary Mare

A nasty land battle laced with racist slurs and ‘murder’ threats has broken out in Satan’s Loch – Windhoek Rural – after some members of the of the /Khomanin community who are situated in the area confronted white people who they accuse of land grabbing.

At the centre of the battle is /Khomanin chief Juliana Gawanas who allegedly dished out the land to businessman Fran Louw and his family at the dismay of residents who have argued that the land should be reserved only for the  ­/Khomanin people who are in dire need of arable land.

Louw and his family who already have a huge chunk of land in the area woke up on Sunday morning to fence off another huge piece of land, an act which angered some residents who took matters into their own hands to defend the land leading to outbursts in which police had to be called in to quell the tension.


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