Afro pop prodigy is back

By Rosalia David

AFRO POP music prodigy King Elegant, real name Wilbard Uushona, has released a new banger with a groovy vibe giving a clear indication that the ‘King of Afro Pop’ is indeed here to stay.

The song released over the weekend titled ‘Mondambo’ is not only a slayer track but is also accompanied by fire scorching visuals proving that when it comes to fusing different components, he is the best man for the job.

Mondambo certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on music videos built around one person dancing, but pointing a camera at someone and getting them to move is definitely far from a guarantee of a compelling final product.

So kudos to the cameraman.

This video also proves that music videos are not only about locations and wardrobe but the kinetic motion of the camera in relation to its subjects, subtly panning up, zooming in and out, or spinning overhead.

The video starts off with the artist moving along to killer slow moves with the dances attesting that he is not only slick behind the mic.

If the artist’s freestyle track that went viral two years ago hadn’t already proven that he was up for the music task, this latest video will definitely do.

One could not ignore the blue denim get-ups going on matching the background of the set-up, making everything absolutely stunning and pleasing to watch.

With the amount of impressive artistry needed to go into making a great music video, the choreography in Mondambo alone made it iconic.

The choreographer definitely put in a whole lot of training for this video.

Throughout the different dance scenes, the creativity put in by the choreographer is quite visible, especially the part where dancers are dancing under disco lights.

One can hardly also look past the ‘main girl’ in the music video dancing in a white short skirt and a crop top. She was definitely a good pick as she executes the role twisting her waist while pretending to be snapping.

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After watching this masterpiece, Confidente had to get a grasp on what inspired the song and the concept behind the video.

In an interview, the excited King Elegant said the title of the song is literally about jumping on the dance floor.

“Mondambo means dancing floor. It is just a dance song for music lovers to loosen up a bit during this time,” he said.

Recalling how he was going through a rough time for the past few months, King Elegant said he is now in the right headspace to release more music.

“The last song I released was Emotions and I was just going through a phase, sometimes, one just has to go through life but the energy is now right,” he said.

The music video was shot by Sodo while Equipped dance academy is behind the killer moves.

The artist has worked with household names such as PDK, Exit, DJ Kboz, Sally, Top Cheri, Mr Glo and Tate Buti in the past.