Agra’s home away from home for cancer patients

THE Agra ASIF Committee has been renovating the Oncology Family room at the Windhoek Central Hospital, for the past four months.
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In September, the committee handed over the renovated room to the hospital management. The renovated oncology room, which was quite basic before, was refurnished with brand new furniture, appliances, educational books and games.

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Chairperson of the Agra ASIF Fund Christo van Wyk said the ASIF committee wanted the room to feel like “a home away from home” for the patients when recuperating and urged the management to safeguard the room.

“Health remains one of the priority areas in Namibia. The Central Hospital Oncology Ward plays a pivotal role in providing qualified health services for its patients. The renovation of the oncology family room enables patients to have a home away from home when they are recuperating.

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“The room took approximately four months to complete and has been furnished with a brand new TV and DVD player, computer, furniture, fridge, white board, books and many other items that will make the patients’ hospital experience pleasant.

“I sincerely hope that the new family room and equipment will be utilised and maintained most effectively and properly, and further contribute to the improvement of health of the Namibian people,” Christo added. Agra’s Staff Initiative Fund (ASIF) is sustained with donations from the company’s employees.

– Agra