Air Namibia’s Nghifindaka appointed on IATA body

By Confidente Reporter

AIR Namibia’s chief information officer, Victor Nghifindaka has been appointed as a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Digital Transformation Advisory Council (DTAC) for a period of three years, effective May 2020.

DTAC acts as an advisor to the Board of Governors and the IATA Director-General on matters concerning industry transformation and aviation industry data connected with international air transport.

The Advisory Council is comprised of 11 members, who were nominated from each of the seven IATA board geographical regions.
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The membership includes airline technology executives from airlines such as Air Namibia, Air Mauritius, British Airways, China Southern Airlines, Copa Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Lufthansa, Singapore, Korean Air and Aeroflot.

Air Namibia’s acting CEO Elia Erastus commended Nghifindaka and is confident he will discharge his responsibilities with skill and diligence.

“This is a great milestone for the airline and the country at large, since this is the first time Air Namibia is being represented on the IATA Digital Transformation Advisory Council. We encourage you to serve this body with your expertise to accelerate our digital transformation plan and that of our country in the aviation industry.”

Nghifindaka vowed to work together with his team members to develop strategies, policies and action plans that will accelerate aviation digital conversion. “It is humbling to see that Namibian human capital is being recognised by international bodies, such as IATA, to represent the region.
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I look forward to sharing ideas, visions and challenges in our quest to achieve the council’s mandate.

Asked how his appointment will improve the situation at home, Nghifindaka said “Namibia’s economic aspiration to become a logistics hub can be complemented by a strong and modern aviation industry driven by digital transformation and … for the 4th industrial revolution.”

Air Namibia, like many world-class airlines is already using digitisation aligned to market demands. Most of the airline’s commercial activities and transactions have migrated to online platforms to ensure a sustainable flow of income from all parts of the world.