All ex-fishermen are to be re-employed

• Adolf Kaure

The fisheries minister Derek Klazen said it is impossible to assure employment for all ex-fishermen during a consultative meeting with the re-employed fishermen under the Government Employment Re-dressing Programme (GERP) held in Walvis Bay last Thursday.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss concerns raised by the ex-fishermen formerly known as the Okapale fishermen after they submitted several petitions against employers to the fisheries ministry and the labour ministry.

“GERP is not a rehash or continuation of their previous jobs but a new offer altogether aimed at simply providing jobs to them within the vertical integration of fishing.

“This vertical integration or supply chain consists of catching, freezing, packaging, marketing, and selling fish, its related products, and other marine resources. It is not specifically designed to offer the jobs of ex-fishermen seamen.

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