All set for inaugural Tsumeb Jazz Festival

By Rosalia David

LOCAL company Salt and Light Namibia will be hosting the first ever Tsumeb Jazz Festival on September 11.

Founder and managing director of Salt and Light Namibia Alina Garises said the platform was created to instil hope amongst artists while availing a networking ground for Tsumeb and Windhoek-based creatives.

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“I am from Tsumeb and because of the love I have for my town we decided to host this event here for the first time.

Artists have been off the job for a while and I believe it’s high time we instil back the faith,” she added.

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Garises said because of jazz music’s improvisational aspect, it is the perfect time for musicians to express their emotions of the moment and bless the town with soothing melodies.

The line-up for the night comprises of artists such as saxophonist Suzy Eises, Nasim, Arthur, Water and Water.

“As the spring season will start, our approach for this event is to add colour to our beautiful town by bringing one of the most respected and celebrated music genres in the world to the town of Tsumeb. We have curated a line-up of local talent which music lovers will enjoy,” she said.

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Garises further emphasised the importance of observing all health and safety protocols saying that the team will ensure safe food and beverages handling, social distancing and wearing of masks at the event.

Concerned about the world going back to ‘normal’ Garises went on to say that, “As the world is opening again, it is important to remain vigilant. For instance, we encourage music lovers to purchase e-tickets in advance. Furthermore, we opted for an outdoor event with advance space as the event will be hosted at Lilly’s Pub in Tsumeb, a 2-hectare premises which will create a good in-person experience while observing social distancing.

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Concerning handling the food at the event, she said all staff appreciates the importance of good sanitation and safe food-handling measures and will take extra steps and caution including availing  pre-packed meals with minimal touch using serving equipment that attendees can ‘grab and go’.

Asked on whether the event will be held on an annual basis, Garises said they will judge from the first experience but would however hope to partner up with other stakeholders to make it possible.

Salt and Light Namibia was formed in March 2021 and is located in Tsumeb.

It is an online driven business that offers food, a selection of books and breath-taking blooms. A company birthed to provide innovative solutions to make meaningful contributions to the development of people in the community and country it operates in.

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