Amushelelo punishes himself with hunger

By Uaueza Kanguatjivi
JAIL has taken a toll on political activist Michael Amushelelo, and he announced embarking on a hunger strike to demand his freedom. Amushelelo, the NEFF commissar, has been in prison for more than 210 days af- ter his arrest for calling for a demonstration against unemployment.

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For a man who led multitudes of disgrun- tled workers, some of whom benefitted from his fight, loneliness is biting him too deeply.

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His message from the bowels of prison this week was: “If my life meant anything to anyone, then thousands of people would be in front of the prison gates every day de- manding my freedom.

” Sadly, he says it has come to his realisation that his life means nothing and that, seeing the people have abandoned him, he has no choice but to fight for his freedom.

“Due to my limited options in prison, I have to undergo an inhumane process of self-torture as the only means at my dispos- al to fight for my freedom.

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