Angolan group charting new frontier

By Rosalia David

ANGOLAN group, Some Dreams Records is aiming high with its new album titled ‘Vibe from NA’ which they say will finally get them the popularity they deserve.
The group comprises of Alvaro Sincero, Francisco Catunda, Kilmer Simao and Bendi Luis, a cluster of students living in Namibia pursuing their studies while exploring music in a different country.
Speaking to one of the group members, Sincero this week, he said the five-track album will be coming out on Saturday and expects it to reach a milestone in the same week.
The 24-year-old Sincero said, “We want this album to instil confidence amongst upcoming musicians like us, to say that it is possible with or without the resources. Sometimes all one needs is a few coins to record and print the CDs and get the music out there.”
Sincero went on to say that Some Dreams Records will remain unstoppable as the members have vowed to stick together as a group no matter what.
“We are just a few young students who are passionate about music and got together with the same vision and with the same interest. I believe we can go far as a group because two are better than one,” he added.
According to Sincero, he met his music partners at primary school and their interest in music triggered the union.
When it comes to music, he said there is no limit and therefore they decided to mix up the album with hip hop sounds, Naija style and rap.

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Asked on how long they have been doing serious music Sincero said the group started in their home country Angola only last year.

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“Maybe we met eight to 10 years ago in primary school but we only started really taking music seriously last year. Even though we already have two albums, we decided to finally push this one to the next level and not just keep it in our homes,” he added.
Now that the album is set for release and almost out of the way, Sincero said they have plans to surprise music lovers with more singles this year.
He further said that although the music industry is bigger in Angola, Namibian business has the potential to offer the necessary exposure.
“The industry is big there but I think in Namibia it’s better because if your music gets to South Africa, it can be introduced to the world and this country is a closer link to it,” he said.