Ann Singer pours her heart out in Sanity

By Rosalia David

THE award-winning songbird, Annastasia Linus, popularly known as Ann Singer, has just released her second album titled Sanity, wherein she reflects on the highlights and lowlights of her journey as an artist over the past three years and the stories of people she met along the way.

The artist, who was signed under South Africa’s Mabala Noise Entertainment label, is back to the Namibian showbiz scene as an independent artist and is ready to take on the industry with her smooth sound, which seems to both entertain and heal.

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“This album is not just about my life story but of other people, as well.

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I didn’t want the album to be just about Anne Singer but something that other people can relate to. I wrote some songs that are based on other people’s stories,” she explained.

“When everything started going downhill and the hype was dying out, people started to disappear after winning the NAMAs. It was crazy, I had a lot of friends but they were nowhere to be found. So, I wrote a song about that as well,” Singer says wryly.

On Sanity, she features artists from South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as Namibian producer Jaleel.

“My contract with the label ended a couple of months ago and I decided for now I want to take a break from signing contracts because there’s always a lot of things. Imagine, I was signed under Mabala for two years and it wasn’t exactly as I had hoped it to be. However, I made a lot of connections and have a family in Johannesburg now,” she said.

She mentioned that she expected to do more work with Mabala and that her association with the music label has exposed her work to the wider world. She’s pumped about her new album though, saying it wasn’t easy to deliver, but despite all trials and tribulations she managed to bring it to life.

“I’m still waiting for the hard copies and I think for now I just want to do my own thing, it’s not that difficult as long as you know what you want,” she smiled.

From losing friends to almost losing herself in the rat race, Ann Singer has healed from everything she went through and she’s back to give nothing but the best music to her fans. All the heartache, the passion, the struggle to overcome, it’s there in Sanity, her new 12-track album produced by Jaleel, Joe-Kay, Mr Glo and two international producers.