Antler identifies seven targets at Erongo

By Business Reporter

ANTLER Gold Inc. has delineated seven high-priority targets for exploration on its Erongo gold central project in the southern-central zone of the Damara orogenic belt.

Dan Whittaker, President and CEO of Antler highlighted that the company was pleased to have generated seven quality targets on the central project.

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“Some of these targets we expect can be advanced to the drill stage by late summer 2020. Generally, the significance of low order gold anomalism, especially in areas under cover has historically been poorly understood and has often resulted in inadequate follow-up.

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Finally, we are also awaiting soil, rock and calcrete sample results on our western project which will factor into the target generation exercise there,” he said.

Geological interpretation taking cognisance of fluid source, pathway and trap together with stratigraphic and lithological positioning in relation to favourable structural settings was crucial in successfully defining the seven prospects on the central project.

“Portions of the central project have limited outcrop due to the presence of Quaternary cover.

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In these areas interpretation and extrapolation of geology are essential to prioritising and directing future exploration activities,” added the company.

The significance of structurally controlled orogenic gold and the application of a mineral systems approach to exploration targeting has previously not been used in exploration for gold on the Erongo Gold Project.

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“The mineral systems approach to mineral deposit genesis attempts to provide a framework that considers all the geological processes that control the formation and preservation of mineral deposits and is very much process driven particularly steering away from prescriptive mineral deposit model nomenclature and focuses on understanding the mineralising processes and translates these into mappable elements or proxies.”

Antler believes that this is a crucial component to its exploration targeting and regards the Kranzberg Fault Zone as a high priority regional, fertile structure that has played a substantial role in gold mineralisation of the identified prospects.

The significance of low order gold anomalism, especially in areas covered by Quaternary sediments and calcrete (caliche) has, historically, been poorly understood and often resulted in inadequate.