Artist Maleek invested in social change

• BY Rosalia David

NORTHERN- BASED former radio presenter and musician Maleek Trace will be releasing a song titled ‘End Tribalism’ aiming at uniting the ‘divided’ music industry.

According to the musician, the music industry is highly divided due to tribalism where artists from the same tribe only work with one another excluding others from different tribes.

“There are those that prefer only working with their tribe on a song … but there are also those who are versatile including all tribes on their projects.

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Not only in the music industry but tribalism is everywhere in general,” Maleek said.

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Through the upcoming song, he aims at ending tribalism and unite people as one while educating them on the disadvantages of tribalism and raising awareness on the social issue.

“The song speaks about the dangers of tribalism and how it can affect us as a nation and the economy at large. I am in full support of the President’s speeches he has given over the years on the issue,” he further noted.

With the aim of reaching the masses through his song, Maleek urges all music lovers to be on the lookout for the release of his first track of the year as it carries a strong message that needs to be heard.

“Please support this awareness. In order to fix tribalism we need to work together to achieve any of the goals and initiatives that are created to fix the country,” he said.

The song will be released end of January.

Asked on his musical background and the type of music he does, the muso formerly known as DJ Komotolo describes his music as hip hop with a touch of West African flavour and Patois.
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He said it is the type music ‘people learn in the kasi’.

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Apart from music, Maleek said he is more invested in social change.

“I have initiated a campaign on alcohol and drug abuse that took place in Ruacana with the support of the constituency councillor last year and have plans to push the same campaign again this year because I have seen the difference it has brought in the community,” he explained.
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Maleek said this year, his focus remains more on campaigns as the ‘spirit of unity and ubuntu’ is fading away.

In 2017, he released an album titled ‘Lord Knows’ which he said was all about celebrating life.

Back in 2015 he released an EP titled ‘Disaster’.

“I started music long time ago and in gave the Disaster album to the people, but they didn’t pay much attention to it. My music started gaining popularity after Tate Buti featured on my song ‘Kokule’… people went crazy over that song,” he said.

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