Artistic sensitivity

I’M in love with emotions. Emotions are the most powerful bridge we can walk upon.
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As an artist you need to be constantly in touch with them and the only way to add emotion to a piece, is to feel that emotion while you are working. The big professional challenge is how to pour all this into something which at times needs to be neutral, standard or constrained to a particular style.

The interesting thing is that artists need to be both very sensitive emotionally, but also entirely capable of detaching themselves from those emotions, and with a surgeon’s cold-blooded approach, dissect their own emotions and feelings in order to create a new, living artwork to deliver to the great public. Indeed, the raw material of the aesthetic attitude is the pure sensitivity of the artist.

According to, artistic sensitivity can be defined as the personal predisposition towards artistic beauty. It is the artist’s main motivation and engine, with the help of which he/she can get a better perception of reality than others.

We have to understand that it is not easy to create artwork that can resonate with the masses. Psychologists have also found that the creative personality contains layers of depth, complexity and contradictions.

Is it safe to say that even I am an overly-sensitive writer with no emotions?

Does that make sense?

I have often felt that I was more sensitive than those around me, more affected by my surroundings and the energy of an environment than your average person.

More affected by the aura of people whose space I share. Even the smallest of things don’t quite seem to skip out of my observation.

The key is to embrace this sensitivity with compassion, free from judgment of any kind.

By then reframing it as a gift rather than an obstacle, we allow ourselves permission to be exactly who we are, free from judgement and encumbrances.

It’s a balance that one masters over time.
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I’m positive that other artists and fellow creatives can relate to this struggle. Embrace it and go forth!