Athawise adds Spanish flavour to Nam music

By Rosalia David

DAVE Munyama, known as Athawise from Blvc Boxx record label, has just released his second album, titled Elite Asylum 2.0, and thereby adds some exotic Spanish flavour to the Namibian musical offering.

Key to musical success is being versatile and diverse and not be narrow minded to capture a certain crowd. Athawise does just that. He is better known for his international sound and suave voice, which changes in different genres.

“I can’t really categorise myself as an Afro-pop artist or another type of genre because the beat is what specifies the genre.

When I get into the studio, we don’t really talk about what genre I really want to do, we just make a beat and if it’s good we sing on it. I’m comfortable with all genres,” he explained.

The driven artist further says Elite Asylum 2.0 consists of a variety of sounds, from Afro Fusion, Afro Pop to Reggae Dancehall, which he describes as a ‘vibe’ and simply a dance project. “I wouldn’t specifically know what I should be categorized as, apart from just being a musician in its totality.

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If I had a genre, it would be everything danceable,” he laughed.

The album, which dropped recently, was produced by Mr Glo, Dj Kboz, Andrew, Saucy Gang, Neslow, Dj Vujo, M music, and several others.

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Asked on why he chose to work with different producers, he said he wanted to bring out the best album with a diversified sound. “I think the aim has really been reached, because people are loving all the different tracks.

On average, I have one producer for each song on this project,” Athawise said.

On the Elite Asylum 2.0 album, he only featured the ‘King Elegant Freestyle’ hit maker with the aim of building and growing his very own fan base.

He added that he felt that it was time to work on his own craft for now.

Athawise lived in Cuba for approximately 10 years and the strong Spanish Cuban influences can be heard in his music.

His previous album was produced internationally while his current work evidently has a uniquely different sound.