Attempted murder accused to run for council

By Hertta-Maria Amutenja

OKALONGO businessman Josua ‘Ketu’ Mwetupunga who has been charged with attempted murder will be running as the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) candidate for Okalongo constituency in next month’s local authority elections.

Mwetupunga (47) is accused of shooting Walter Mwandingi (57) on May 27 2017, and severely injuring him in the leg at his bar at Onandjaba settlement and was arrested two days after on a charge of attempted murder. The businessman also allegedly shot at the wheels of Mwandingi’s sedan.

Unconfirmed reports have it that Mwandingi and five other men (Hiskia Mwandingi, Shiimi Leonard, Jonas Mwandingi, Johannes Mwandingi and Trifaine Gabriel) from Windhoek were causing trouble at Mwetupunga’s business.

In an interview with Confidente, Mwetupunga said he fired the shots because of ‘thieves’ that were causing chaos at his bar.

“The man that claimed I tried to kill him was trying to cause trouble with his counterparts. If someone comes at you with stones and you have a gun, one will definitely shoot at them and that is what I did.
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I acted in self defence.

“That attempted murder case is not a criminal case. It’s not a corruption case or any fraud case besides I was not convicted of murder and the case is still ongoing. I am running for council for the people not for personal interest I was voted by the people of the community not by myself,” he said.

He went on to defend himself stating that he is more than qualified for the councillor position.
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“I have a diploma in store management and stock control which cannot be compared to a grade 12 certificate. People that are saying I do not have grade 12 are just unhappy because I was chosen to represent IPC,” he further added.

Mwetupunga who said he co-founded IPC alongside Dr Panduleni Itula (IPC president), was Swapo’s Okalongo district treasurer and deserted the party shortly before the November 2019 presidential elections to support then independent candidate Itula.
“I left Swapo last year, though I only handed in my resignation letter this year. They (Swapo) started to question me last year already why I was in support of Itula instead of their president but that has nothing to do with them. I have every right to support whoever I desire since it is my democratic right. They wanted me to abandon my duties as a treasurer. I then decide to co-found IPC alongside Itula.”

He further said that Swapo sent him a dismissal letter despite him having handed in his resignation letter.

“I was the treasurer for the Okalongo district up until this year when I handed in my resignation letter. Swapo then sent me a dismissal letter. How do you send a dismissal letter when the resignation letter was already in?” questioned Mwetupunga

When approached for comment Itula said: “I am not entertaining any questions”.