August 26 to attach ex-manager’s properties

By Eliaser Ndeyanale

MILITARY owned-company August 26 Holdings has decided to attach properties belonging to a former employee, who is accused of having misappropriated more than N$25 million from one of company’s subsidiaries, August 26 Textiles.

The employee in question is Paulus Moshana, who was employed as August 26 Textiles’ financial manager. He was sacked from the company in September last year following a disciplinary hearing in which he allegedly pleaded guilty to his involvement in the missing N$25.7 million of August 26 Textile and Garment, which has since closed down and sent its workers packing due to cash flow problems.

Moshana allegedly paid the money into the account of his two companies: Omakuva Trading and Proficiency CC. August 26 Holdings board chairperson Colonel Fillemon Shafashike confirmed to Confidente this week that there is a plan under way to attach Moshana’s properties.

“Yes, well I am not at a position to tell you which properties are going to be attached but the management of the company has been tasked to see what kind of properties are going to be attached in order to recover whatever [we] can get. The board is sitting this coming weekend and that is when we are to be briefed,” Shafashike said.

Sources close to the matter told Confidente last week that the properties that are going to be attached include an undisclosed number of cars and a house.

Prosecutor-General Martha Imalwa could not provide the latest information on the case because she was not in the office at the time, but she said Moshana’s file had left her office in November last year. “It was referred back to the police for further investigation but I don’t know whether it had returned back,” she remarked.
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Confidente reported last year that Moshana was accused of having worked closely with his wife, Ester Shimwandi, who was employed as a financial clerk in Moshana’s office but was later moved to another office where she was working as a cashier until her resignation in February last year.

While in Moshana’s office, Shimwandi was allegedly responsible to verify invoices while her husband released the payments. Confidente was told that Moshana claimed money from the company for services he claimed to have rendered the Ministry of Defence-owned company which were not done.

People privy to inside information told Confidente at the time that “The disciplinary hearing was completed on 30 September 2019… what we got from the audit report, [the missing amount] it was N$25.7 million.

“What happened is that there are a lot of issues, but when he was doing his business … the invoices he submitted stated that the service was done, but nothing was done. He normally generated invoices and released the money, but no service was provided. That is the reason we had dismissed him.

“He was paying his companies from the company.

“There are some invoices which said he trained about 50 people in the company (August 26); sometimes he could say he had transported items from Durban to Windhoek and from Walvis Bay to Katima Mulilo.
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It was never done. About 80 percent of the invoices were lies (fraudulent) and he did not pay tax.”

A case of misappropriation of funds was reported both to the Office of the Prosecutor General, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the police on 19 July 2018, but the case has seemingly not yet got anywhere. Moshana this week said he was not aware of plans to attach his properties. “I will see whether I will challenge the decision when I get the documents.”