Babi’s church says God will set him free next month


FOLLOWERS of convicted rhino- horn poacher and self-styled prophet, Jackson Babi ,have expressed the hope that God will get him out of jail this coming month.

They told Confidente that the preacher was a victim of temptation.
Last week, Magistrate Eden Iyambo,sentenced Babi to an effective 10 years’ imprisonment and also fines totaling N$370 000 or further prison terms totaling 17 years .

The 32-year-old prophet was found in possession of rhino horns, firearms and ammunition. He was also convicted on a charge of money laundering.

Despite his imprisonment, a visit by Confidente to his Katutura church showed that some of his followers were still flocking there.

However, despite the reality of the conviction of the charismatic man
of the cloth,his followers still insisted that a miracle will take place this coming month which will see him released.

In an interview with Confidente this week, a follower from Babi’s church who preferred to remain anonymous,stated that the man of God is innocent.

“The man of God already taught us the word of God, and we still believe in him and his words. We are not going to stop worshiping God just because he is in prison. He has already taught us the word of God and that is enough. There are many people that are being accused of poaching, but some of them are out on bail. Now can you see what is happening?

“The man of God was falsely accused, and he pleaded guilty because that was the only option he had.

As members of the church, there is no way we are going to abandon our prophet, because even Jesus was betrayed. We believe that our prophet is going to be released next week by faith and by the grace of God.

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