Babylon police station construction starts 9 years later

• By Nahum Kantene

The construction of a police station in the Babylon informal settlement, Windhoek, will start nine after the first phase was completed in 2015. The police station in Tobias Constituency will cater to the inhabitants of the informal

settlements of the high-density area, and the neighbouring constituencies will be situated at the intersection of Tauno Hatuikulipi and Omuvapu streets in Babylon. Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi confirmed that the bulk earthworks were completed, and budgetary provisions were made to commence construction during the current financial year.

This office is busy with the bidding process for the second phase of constructing offices and living accommodations," Shikwambi said.The National Planning Commission Chief Development Advisor, Sylvester Kamwi, said the first phase cost N$25 million.

Kamwi also confirmed that the bidding process for the second phase was underway.

According to Kamwi, Tona Trade Consulting won the project first phase and was supposed to continue with the second phase but does not have the capacity and equipment to continue, hence the new bidding for the second phase. Kamwi also said the budgetary provision was made to commence construction during the current financial year.

Businessman Tobias Onesmus Amadhila, who owns Tona Trade Consulting, said his company was involved with irrigation, levelling the ground, constructing the bulk earthworks, and retaining the walls and security fence.

The Khomas Region councillor spokesperson, Mekeloye Lao Nambili, said Tobias Hainyeko is one of the most populated Constituencies in Khomas Region, with a population of 67 067, according to the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

Nambili said the police station will serve Babylon, Maxuilili, and Okahandja Park residents and community members from the nearby constituencies. “The police station will bring services closer to the community members and it will serve as a primary emergency esponse centre and assist the community with preventing and combating crime in Tobias Hainyeko Constituency”, she noted.

Nambili said the station will ensure and preserve internal security, maintain law and order, investigate offences, prevent crime, and protect life and property. She noted a staggering number of crime cases in the Constituency.

“Some of the crimes include cases of robberies, GBV cases, cases of stock theft, housebreakings and theft, and cases of theft of the motor vehicle,” she said. “The nearest police station for people in Babylon and Okahandja Park is about 11 kilometres away (in Okuryangava) that is why we decided that a police station should be built there,” explained Nambili.

“The police station will cater for the poor people because their travel costs will be reduced and they will not have to travel long distances,” the spokesperson said.