Bad publicity is still good publicity

Rosalia David

FOR the past week, social media has been abuzz after screenshots of private messages by musician Sunny Boy spread like a virus on WhatsApp messenger and online social media platforms, in which he allegedly admits to (and denies) cheating on his fiancé.

This non-event has left many questioning the truth of the matter as many flagging media personalities tend to find similar ‘celebrity stunts’ beneficial to their brands, while many have criticized journalists who found Sunny Boy’s alleged cheating scandal worth writing about.

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From a personal standpoint regarding the so called ‘cheating scandal’, I suspect it is a celebrity stunt to gain followers and create hype for a project he might be working on.

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If not, forgive me, but my point is, whether it’s true or not it is somehow a good way of remaining visible. As they say, any publicity is good publicity, right?

Especially if you are a musician or personality without corporate endorsement.

There is absolute nothing wrong with being caught up in drama that can help you gain a few followers, seeing that most Namibians like reading about topics that include cheating and sex anyways. If it’s a celebrity stunt, I would say it was well planned and properly executed as it got everyone talking and believing that he really cheated with more than eight women.

He must be a professional Casanova hey…

If it’s legit, it’s newsworthy because once you’ve become a public figure, we’re interested in everything you do, the type of car you drive, your house, including your bedroom issues, whether you like it or not.

Namibian personalities and people in general don’t take negative publicity very well.

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I think it’s high time they look at how celebrities in other countries are criticized by the media and not take it personal, but rather use it for their own benefit.

However, we cannot say the same for local media personalities, all they want to read is positive articles and expect journalists to dance to their tunes.

If it’s news it’s news and if your art is whack, then it’s whack, and there is no two ways about that.