Bail for ‘paedophile pastor’ angers Opuwo community

• By Tracy Tafirenyika

OPUWO residents are up in arms with the court’s decision to permit an alleged child sex offender to be allowed back onto the streets after he was recently arrested and identified by 11 minors as a paedophile operating in the Kunene region two months ago, Confidente has established.

The 50-year-old German missionary, Flick Ramon was last week Friday granted N$50 000 bail at the Opuwo magistrate’s court, with some of the conditions requiring him to render his national documents to law authorities.

“The applicant must hand over his passport to the investigating officer or her delegates before he is released on bail. The applicant must inform the investigating officer should he decide to leave the district of Opuwo, and he must not interfere with ongoing police investigations or state witness directly or indirectly while on bail pending the finalisation of this case,” reads part of the bail



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