Bail for robbery suspects

By Eliaser Ndeyanale

FOUR suspected hardcore criminals accused of stealing N$1,87 million from a Chinese businessman said they cannot afford N$3 000 bail each and thus pleaded to be set free on N$1 000 bail each in the Ondangwa Magistrates Court.

Fillemon Hamukoto, Ameinge Hamukwaya, Hafeni Shafuda and Victor Haikwiyu told Magistrate Perestrelo Gabriella that they would not be able to afford bail of N$3 000 as suggested by prosecutor Wisdom Ndakondja.

The four said that they could only afford to pay N 000 each, citing various reasons such as the deaths of a grandmother and a father, who could have assisted them to pay bail of N 000.

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Hamukoto was arrested about a year ago in connection with N,87 million stolen from a Chinese businessman from Ondangwa at Sun Square.

At the time of his arrest, he was apparently found in possession of N$7 511.

Ondangwa-based lawyer Nicky Ngula who represented Shafuda said his client was also unable to pay N 000 as he is a father of four and is unemployed.

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“The proposed amount is excessive. He has four children and lost employment in his company and has been in custody for a year and I beg leave to this court to hand proof of the birth certificates of the children and the company documents – I have been legally representing the accused for a year and [he] incurred an amount financially and could only afford my services because his family was assisting him financially. We pray for N$1 500 as the accused is unemployed,” he said.

The four were eventually granted bail of N 500 each on condition that they surrender their travel documents and report themselves between 8am and 5pm once a week.

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Hamukwaya and Haikwiyu remain in custody until such time that they have paid the bail amount. They are both detained at Ondangwa police station.

“Upon bail being paid, the accused person is warned to appear at Ondangwa Magistrates’ Office, A court, on the 6 February at 09h00. In case of failure to appear in court a warrant for arrest may be issued against you and your bail will be provisionally cancelled and the bail money will be provisionally forfeited to the State,” Gabriella reminded them.