Bantwan warns of dangers of social media

• By Rosalia David

RUNDU-BASED artist Frans Haingura better known as Blacky Bantwan is gearing up for the release of his single titled ‘Social Media’ a song that talks about the pros and cons of social media.

In an interview with Confidente, Bantwan said youths have become addicted to social media exposing them to risks such as human trafficking.

“The song will be released with a music video and it is dedicated to mostly the ladies just to warn them from sharing everything on their social media platforms as it could one day come back to bite them especially when posting half naked pictures,” he said.

The musician who is a teacher by profession went on to say that corporate companies now also do background checks on those applying for jobs.

“You will be shocked how many people google you on social media platforms before actually getting into business with you and some deals will not come through just because of the things you post. Not only that, the young people don’t even care about their education anymore.

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Learners would spend the whole night online forgetting school. Social media is good but dangerous at the same time,” he further said.

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The ‘Social media’ video will be released on February 4.
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Giving background regarding his music journey, Bantwan said he released his first album in 2019 titled ‘Usigona Wange’ consisting of a mixture of genres such as Kwaito, afro-pop and local Kavango sound.
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“The first track was titled ‘Addicted’ produced by DJ Chronics and it talks about a guy that meets a girl and they form a relationship … so they get attracted and get used to each other. The second track on the previous album was titled ‘My Story’ ft.

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Bones TKB produced by Ismael and Ashwyn and it talks about a history of my life from making decisions and taking responsibilities for my actions to take care of my family,” he said.

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‘Addicted’ featuring Top Cheri is currently available on YouTube.

Bantwan who described his music as ‘touching’ pointed out track number three as his favourite track on the previous album as he sings about a real life story which focuses on mental health.