Batista taking music industry by storm

• By Rosalia David

ARTIST Bella Batista who started her music journey as a dancer is finally pursuing her long desired dream of becoming a full-time musician as she gears up for the release of her first EP.

In a one on one interview with Confidente, Batista shares some of her plans for the upcoming year while promising a sizzling music video in December.

RD: Kindly provide a brief background on your musical career?

BB: Music has been my passion since childhood. I would always perform for my family members, partake in every school play, concerts etc. I formed a dance crew in Katima Mulilo at the age of 11. We used to dance and were known as the MOD (Mawelas on Dancefloor). At 16, I moved to Rundu and started another group called Staff Angolana. We were in demand in the Kavango region. I basically founded the group and was the only girl, unfortunately due to circumstances I left and started an all-female group where we also sang and danced. In 2017, I featured an Angolan artist and that was basically my first video on YouTube titled 2nyte – Fab featuring Bella.

RD: What inspires your music?

BB: I would say my inspiration from music comes from deep within me. When I am on stage I am at my most happiest. It’s an unexplainable feeling. It’s something one has to experience in order to really feel it.

RD: How many tracks do you currently have under your belt?

BB: I have recorded many tracks of different genres throughout my whole life that I honestly lost count. But with the fresh start I can proudly say I have seven tracks of which I will be adding a few more for my first EP which hopefully will be available in January 2022. I am currently focusing on dropping my music video titled Kulukuta. I don’t want to say much but rather surprise my supporters.

RD: How would you describe the type of music you are into?

BB: It’s been quite challenging for me to focus on a specific genre , however my passion for performing has made it easier for the past few years and I can safely say I love music that’s hyped and I can dance to. At the moment I am in love with Amapiano.

RD: What would you say makes you unique?

BB: Bella Batista is unique on her own… everything I bring to the table is different. One of the main reasons I always took a step back in my musical career was to study the industry and familiarise myself with everything. I have realised that people often just talk about the pros, but this industry is ruthless. It’s more about who knows who and not really about talent on its own. People need to learn to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that we can go further if we work together and support each other.

RD: How would you describe the local music industry?

BB: The industry is big enough for everyone; who wants to be the only artist at every event? Not me.

RD: Who are some of the popular faces you have worked with?

BB: I had the pleasure of working with very talented people such as PDK, Sunny Boy, and the amazing producers Mr Glo and Kboz.

RD: What have been some of the major highlights throughout your music path?

BB: This year I had the privilege of performing at major events that hosted well known foreign artists. I learned a lot and made promising connections. Through these performances I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for the love and support that people have been showing me. I also couldn’t ask for a better team, my dancers Stevie and Dope_damara_jive have been a huge part of every performance and they honestly push me to be my best and I am so thankful for them .I am extremely blessed to have people enjoy what I do, there’s no better reward.

RD: What are you currently up to?

BB: You might have realised that at most of the events I performed with the talented Sassybsavage. We are both individual artists, however we love sharing the stage and the people love it, so we came up with a way to give the people what they want. What we have done so far is not even half of what we have in store for our supporters. So, people can look forward to more crazy performances from both of us.