Be motivated to motivate

By Dzinisa Ngcongo 

IT would very much unfair of us in the Land of the Brave to remain silent when success goes so much loud within our country. Success is meant to be proclaimed from dawn to dusk.

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This is fitting for Sky POET who would say, “There is always access to success”. Indeed it takes passion to make it happen. A nine-year-old boy has made history during the most challenging and bizarre year, 2020. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic saga, Aeron Abrahams has practically affirmed that hardwork is never restricted nor is it constricted.

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The grade two pupil, from Klein Windhoek who attends at St. Paul’s College has made everyone of us proud!

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A few months ago, I myself wrote an article to the Confidente newspaper titled ‘Make Lockdown Fruitful’. A few days ago, I together with many who were invited to a book launch of the nine-year-old Aeron witnessed a dream in a form of real-reality. The event took place in the city of Windhoek, at the National Independence Museum.  

Aeron, whose unique children picture story book is so amazing has evidently proven that Namibia is a nation of wonders; with the assistance of his 11-year-old sister, Ashlynn Abrahams, the illustrator of this astounding work. The grade six girl has unveiled beauty in the form of creativity; the title of the book is her contribution as well.

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Indeed the kids have made the lockdown fruitful.  

The book is an amazing creative work that educates not only young aged individuals but also youths and senior citizens. The book, whose title is itself interesting, ‘Ruffy in the Rough’ tells a story of a naughty puppy ending up on the streets, with a desire for a home of his own. In this book, Aeron seeks to preserve and protect the life of pets by giving this most interesting brief story. Having observed how our society at times fails to love and care for pets, the little boy underscores the value of animal life and the role they play as creatures created by the one and the same Creator who created humanity. On the other hand, this book highlights the struggles some pets experience from their own owners. 

During the book launch, Aeron officially presented his book and divulged the primary aim and lesson of this publication. With the help of his mother Sonette Abrahams who was by his side during the presentation, the boy amazingly answered a few questions based on his book and left the entire gallery so astonished. It was the most prodigious moment to everyone present. The audience was impressed, while some were in joyous tears. I was and am personally moved and yet inspired by Aeron’s passion at his unbelievable age. What an inspiration! 

Moreover, I kindly urge parents and teachers to get a copy of this lovely book for their children and learners. This would surely make a difference in the life of many. It surely would help other children to realise how important is to use the God-given talents positively and productively for the common good. Above all, this book is an example of good family and education background that all our children ought to have.

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Just as ‘charity begins at home’, also country’s success starts from within our families and our homes. Let us always celebrate it unapologetically, for what is cherished does not cease to flourish. Yes, be motivated to motivate.