Beauties FC challenge final league positions

By Confidente Reporter   

BEAUTIES FC boycotted the FNB Women Super League top three medal presentation on the season’s final day (June 24), due to what the team called unfair practice from the Namibia Football Association’s (NFA) disciplinary committee.

Beauties FC accuse NFA disciplinary committee of failing to deduct points from Girls & Goals for using Tjamunene Ndjavera in the game against Okahandja FC on April 30 while she was serving a two-game suspension.

Beauties FC finished the season with 59 points, while Girls & Goals had 60.

Had the NFA deducted points from Girls & Goals, Beauties FC would have finished in second place.

According to a complaint letter from Okahandja FC to the League director’s office, Mabos Vries, Ndjavera received two yellow cards, equivalent to a red card, for which she was supposed to sit out two matches, one against Beauties FC, which she did not play, and one against Okahandja FC, which she played.

Okahandja FC’s accusations are based on NFA’s Rule 58.1, which specifies that a player who receives a red card is suspended for two consecutive games.

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