Beef industry rakes in millions

• By Erasmus Shalihaxwe

NAMIBIA sold a total number of 133 802 in live cattle exports to South Africa (SA) in 2021 which is 97.87 percent of total sales, generating a total revenue of N$ 988 411 343.

These figures were provided to Confidente by Meat Board of Namibia Manager of Information Systems, Ace Mutelo, in an inclusive interview this week.

Mutelo said South Africa is the biggest market for Namibian live cattle as local farmers prefer selling their live cattle which has a better profit margin than slaughtering.

“Another factor is that we do not have enough grazing land to raise cattle until they reach the age of slaughtering.”

The statistics shows this year alone, from January to September, a herd of up to 102 140 was exported to the neighbouring country, generating a whooping revenue of N$ 808 139 044. While in 2021 a total of 2144 tons of beef was exported to SA with revenue generation of N$ 53 140 636, and so far, this year 1853 tons of beef have been exported from January to September generating N$ 60 550 228, while the total export to the world is 8194 tons of beef.

“Namibia as country should invest in animal feed production to reduce the cost of raising cattle to slaughter age. While a health balance between weaner prices needs to be in place, this can be achieved through an increase in beef carcasses at Namibian abattoirs. Better produced carcasses can be improved by reducing production costs at Namibian abattoirs. The market forces of demand and supply dictates the decision of producers as to which market platforms to use based on cost and revenue considerations,” Mutelo said.