‘BH’ Files Defamation Case Against Potgieter Vilho

By Rudolph R Gaseb

WELL-KNOWN businessman Benny Hauwanga has sought protection from the legal sys- tem after a northern man accused him of denying him a share of the money from a tender for work done in Angola. Hauwanga has lodged three cases – As- sault by Threat, Defamation of Character, and Violation of the Communication Act against Potgieter Vilho. The case was reg- istered at the Ongwediva Police Station on 17 September 2023, under case num- ber CR 143/09/2023. Vilho had been sharing voice notes and video clips on various social media plat- forms, sparking a viral frenzy with allega- tions against Hauwanga. Specifically, he claimed that Mr Hau- wanga had received a substantial gov- ernment tender valued at US$32,000,000 (approx. N2,000,000) from the Minis- try of National Defence, Ex-Combatants, and Veterans of the Republic of Angola.

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The purported contract involved the Institute of Social Security of the Ango- lan Armed Forces in Ondjiva to construct multiple buildings. Furthermore, Vilho alleged in the wide- ly circulated voice note that Hauwanga had received the entire US,000,000 payment from the Angolan government and had not compensated him for his share of the architectural work supposed- ly performed.

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Additionally, he claimed that Hauwan- ga had distributed the funds among 14 Angolan Generals, completely omitting him from any financial distribution.

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