Big Ben Live Concert in full swing

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIA’s top live music performer Big Ben Kandukira will be hosting a live concert on 0ctober 9 featuring trending duo Ethnix and Slick Artie.

In an interview with Confidente, Kandukira said hosting the concert next month is a way of trying to keep afloat during the pandemic.

“The lockdown is not over yet as we fight the pandemic but it is also clear that we are on our own and have to find a way to stay afloat. Our fans are demanding entertainment even under the strict regulations and so we have decided to try a small concert on 09 October 2021, Zoo Park, Windhoek.

17h00 to 22h30,” he said.

Kandukira went on to emphasise that musicians have it tough and that the restrictions have no regard whatsoever for the industry as creatives have to stick to the regulations and are not able to organise any event.

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“That is why we have not been organising anything but the hunger is killing us that’s why we have to try to do it within the rules,” he added.

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He said the amount of people influenced the entrance fee and to have good quality sound and stage set-up, tight security while ensuring compliance with the health protocols.

With the industry hard hit by the pandemic, Kandukira added that he has so far received at least seven performing requests from other musicians who are willing to even perform for free.

“They have been starved of performance opportunities. Performers at this point just want a chance to perform. I do sympathise but I find if emotionally taxing on myself to put another artist on stage without payment. I appreciate the offers to perform for free but I just can’t stomach it.

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The production team will only accommodate those we can afford to pay and that are able to offer good quality entertainment to the crowd. I am sure there will be one or two unlisted musicians or performing artists that night but it is too early to name them now,” he stated.

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Tickets are going for N$250 to watch Big Ben and other highly rated musicians on the night.