Black Dice calling the shots

By Rosalia David

MUSICIAN Andreas Jason popularly known as Black Dice Salaam recently released his long anticipated album titled ‘Calling the shots’.
This week, Jason explains the inspiration behind the tracks on his project saying that although most musicians are now exploring the Amapiano sound, the title sent out a message that the Kwaito genre is still alive.
“It will never die for as long BlackDice Salaam is alive. Most people have migrated to the Amapiano style which I refuse to do now and in future. We represent the kasi still … Calling the shots further means that we (young music generation) are in charge of the music industry now,” he said.
The album is released under a record label named ‘The great salaam nation’ and has 19 tracks.
On Calling the shots Jason features a variety of talented musicians such as ‘Kombanga okwinyenga’ hitmaker Zomblam, Drawer Locosounds, Kangweson, Dkandjafa, Makilla, Neslow, Mbuku, Miss Rose, Ras Bozza, Natangwe Yakaputu and Yabollova.
In February, the musician released another album titled ‘Uushimba’ (Urbanisation) which received great airplay on different local radio stations.
Asked on what makes his latest album different from Uushimba, Jason said on ‘Calling the shots’ he featured different artists and worked with a number of producers to elevate his music.
“Compared to last year, this time we worked with different producers to just have that old Kwaito style back. Songs like Uudice Tulonge and Tucheckeni are songs currently blowing up and I am grateful for the views they have received so far on YouTube,” he said.
Jason added that he has shot two music videos already that are meant to complement the songs and give music lovers exciting visuals to take their minds away from the pandemic.
Calling the shots is not a full on Kwaito project as it also has a few soul songs to give music lovers and fans an option to choose what to listen to.
“My kwaito music fans must expect another album same time next year and I am advising them to buy this one because it has great sounds that one would hardly skip. The album is available on order from me due to Covid-19. I can’t afford to have many copies in music outlets since jukeboxes are not operating under the new Covid regulations; it will be a loss. The album is N$150”.