Black entrepreneurs take economic fight to Govt

• By Hilary Mare

THE Black Business Leadership Network of Namibia (BBLNN) will today take their economic concerns to government’s doorstep when they deliver letters of demand to various public institutions in a demonstration.

Chairperson of the network, Eliphas Simon this week said local business owners and entrepreneurs from a disadvantaged background will be delivering Letters of Demand, for action and implementation to Bank of Namibia (BON), Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN), the National Assembly and the Economic Parliamentary Standing Committee.

“The demonstrators will be gathering at the City of Windhoek front parking at 07h30 and depart from the said premises.
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We shall be at Bank of Namibia at 08h00; 08h45 Prime Minister, 09h30 Ministry of Finance and 10h00 at DBN,” Simon said.

In requests contained in the letters, the network wants an abolishment of blacklisting, attachment of property and a bailout from government among other demands.

The BBLNN was founded in 2019 (previously known as Namibian DBN Emerging Entrepreneur now rebranded and launched as Black Business Leadership Network of Namibia).

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The public launch took place late last year.

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“Since our official media public launch that took place on 20 October 2021, our numbers are growing.

We are currently busy with projects and activities, aimed at mobilising more entrepreneurs to join, whilst on the other hand we are also busy fighting the unjust, unfair and discriminatory financial systems and policies.

These are causing more harm than  good to  this country’s  economy,  that  has  led to  job losses, deaths through suicides and illness and home wrecks, all of which  in one way  or another  have caused and/or contributed  to other negative social factors,” Simon said adding that:

“Our membership consists of well-known, respected, ethical, competent, hardworking business owners, who amongst others include: lawyers, medical doctors and specialists, manufacturers; tour guides and operators; trainers; designers; events managers; caterers; engineers in various trades/fields; electrical technicians; builders; farmers; miners; IT specialists; graphic designers; small scale farmers, tradesmen; hairdressers,  photographers and videographers and artisans.”

He also went on to say that so far, the network has done well by rescuing businesses and business owners in distress, avoidance of liquidations and foreclosures, bringing some of the challenges faced by the Namibian entrepreneur to the attention of the central government leaders and agencies; financial institutions; and to the Executive, Office of the Namibian Presidency, so much so that it led to the formation of the Business Rescue Task Force.

Furthermore, the network has been helping members deal with stress, anxiety and at times depression caused by the economic climate threats and establishing networking platforms and opportunities, where member entrepreneurs interact, communicate and share experiences, expertise/advice, and any other business information and opportunities amongst each other, for growth, survival and capacity enhancement.