Blank promoting dancehall music


ALTHOUGH it has been long recognised as an international art form, dancehall music is still struggling to gain a foothold in Namibia, however upcoming musician Blank is here to change that.

Speaking to Confidente this week after the release of his latest single titled ‘Ndekutala’ dancehall artist Blank said his type of music intends to change a new feel to the genre making it easy for music fans to embrace and groove to the tunes.

“If people only knew how beautiful dancehall music is they would be able to relate to my music but I must say that there are those who listen to it like any other music.
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I try to fuse the genre with other sounds so that it is also relatable,” he said.

Apart from dancehall, the artist who entered the music industry with a unique style of wearing a balaclava to hide his identity said he will be releasing new dancehall tracks fused with Kwaito.

Although his music projects were delayed when Covid-19 came into existence, Blank said this year is dedicated to his art.

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“I started doing music when I was in grade 10 but I could not focus on it fully because I had to finish school first, after completing my grade 12, I moved to Windhoek and only then did I start taking the art seriously but the plan was to be different,” he said.

The artist explained that his music only started gaining recognition after working with other musicians such as Makila, Miles, Drawer and Page (Ethnix) on features.

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Towards the end of last year, the artist released a single titled ‘Fingers’ featuring Miles and Page.

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In January, he released a song titled ‘Pendukeni Mutale’ featuring Drawer and Top Cheri.

Asked on why he has decided to hide his identity, Blank said he wanted to make a point that music shouldn’t be about the face but the quality of the art.
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“I don’t want people to look at my face but to hear my music. It should not be about my face and I will continue to hide my identity.

It is part of the brand,” he added.

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