Blossom is back on the airwaves

By Rosalia David

AFTER being slapped with a ban by Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) and finding herself embroiled in social media catfights, local singer and songwriter Ruusa Ndapewa Munalye, better known as Blossom, is now back with a new album titled ‘Uvanje’.

The artist who took a long vacation from the music industry recently dropped a 20-track album with remixed hits such as Komuthima Gwomeya and Indikupapatele, which she describes as “fine as wine”.

Speaking about her latest offering, Blossom said she is now back for good and promises nothing but great and life changing music.

“I was giving myself enough time to come out with an authentic album and have as much experience in terms of what my real purpose is or what I want to focus on with my voice. I want my voice to be of purpose and an awakening, not just sing love songs, but about other issues as well,” she said.

Apart from focusing on her voice, the songstress has been focusing on the business part of life, working on her collection and bridal events that she wants to venture into. On the Uvandje album, she featured musicians such as Salvador, Dj Siya, Sergio Fistone, Taz and Admiral El.

“I had to make a remix of Komuthima Gwomeya and Indikupapatele just to take music lovers back in time and I feel like they really broke a record in Namibia. The song is mostly loved by couples and played at weddings because it has a beautiful love feel. So, I wanted to keep it going,” she said.

With the aim of diversifying her music and trying to work with new talent, her album was produced by ‘Shakoma’, an upcoming producer who she describes as talented and committed.

“The established artists have a certain way of treating female artists, I feel like they give a certain approach compared to men. As a woman, we know what we want and pay attention to detail without compromising quality and when we point out certain things, men respond like we are nagging or being bossy,” she explained.

She further urged upcoming producers to come out and show their talent to the world. “I am not mentioning any names but there are certain producers who just have issues and are hard to work with. I am just excited that we have now new producers that are coming out. Finding the right producer was really hard for me.”

Touching on a few sacrifices she had to make to invest in her music and in business, Blossom mentioned that it was not easy as she had to sometimes sleep on a hungry stomach, move out of her apartment and sell her car to be able to deliver her music at a later stage.

“It is funny how life presents us with seasons and I feel like for the past years, I also went through a season of being mislabeled, mocked and humiliated because I stood up for what I believe. When you are an authentic artist, you have to remember that there is a certain group of people that fears your power. They will do everything to create a bad image on your brand.

“I am at a point now where I am blossoming and when I blossom, I inspire people to blossom, so, I definitely went through a lot of challenges financially, economically, looking at how the country’s economy looks like, it affected our art as well. I am excited that I have come out of it all.”

The outspoken singer plans to host a signing ceremony this Friday at Protea Hotel, saying she is excited to engage and meet her fans that she has missed. She also has plans to release a music video during the festive season, and she promises to come with the best quality Namibia has ever seen.

“Come December, I will be flooding you guys with so many music videos and perhaps settle down and find a loving potential husband,” she giggled.

Pressed on whether she has any plans to take upcoming artists under her wing, she laughed it off, saying she would rather aim at becoming the first female president in Namibia in the near future.

Uvanje is available at Mono music shop in Wanaheda, Oshakati service station, Elenga music shop, Okalindi number 5, Young Ones, Streethouse, My Three Sisters in Ondangwa and will be distributed to outlets countrywide.