Boardroom politics derailing SOEs

The recent infighting, back-stabbing and character assassination of some board members at Erongo RED is a clear indication that government has to revisit its model in recruiting board members to live up to the morals of good governance.

The malicious attack on businesswomen Irene Simeon-Kurtz’s integrity, is not only a smack in the face of women representation in business, but shocking because it is reportedly engineered by a fellow woman who ought to embrace Simeon-Kurtz as an epitome of a black businesswoman.

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It is obvious that the hatred and victimisation stems from a fellow board member who was angered by Simeon-Kurtz’s principled stand on the unprocedural appointment of the new Erongo RED chief executive officer (CEO).

She also raised the unfair treatment and victimisation of the chief executive officer of Erongo RED, Fessor Mbango.

The leaking and manipulation of her business electricity bill, which is not even close to the truth, underlines the depth of anger and hatred emitted by her foes on the board of Erongo RED.

Simeon-Kurtz is not only a board member of Erongo RED but most importantly an employer to more than 150 people.

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Hence it was reckless to cast doubt on her persona and reputation as a formidable businesswoman.
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She built her businesses with the support of her family and employees. She ran everything on her own without political help, influence or support.

As a proud independent black businesswoman, Simeon-Kurtz deserves accolades and support from her fellow Namibian women as she continues to work hard to develop other aspiring entrepreneurs in her town of Usakos.

The use of local news media as a tool to destroy the good character and name of Simeon-Kurtz is another measure to halt the progress of Irene-Simeon Kurtz who has been making phenomenal progress in establishing her business conglomerate in the Erongo region without any corrupt influence.

The deliberate omission of facts in composing a clearly falsified article, headlined ‘N0k bill haunts Erongo RED director’ falls short of ethical reporting and helps to engender the narrative that a black businesswoman cannot achieve success without undue influence.
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First and foremost, the spokesperson for Erongo RED ought to have followed the company’s procedure to respect customer client privilege to respect the client’s privacy rather than entertaining such unethical practice.